Amber Specialty Pharmacy Incorporates Patient Engagement Technology to Enhance Care Coordination

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Specialty pharmacy growth is outpacing traditional prescription medication growth encompassing nearly half of total US drug spend. The need for specialty pharmacies to develop a strategic communication plan for reaching, engaging, and managing patients has become an essential component for operational efficiency, clinical outcomes, and customer satisfaction. Amber Specialty Pharmacy has partnered with Houston-based MarkeTouch Media to streamline their patient communication using automated, targeted, and responsive outbound notifications across a variety of services. This addition of using patient preferred communication has allowed Amber Specialty Pharmacy to provide more focus on their patients and spend less time managing routine tasks that were consuming valuable staff resources. Full results of the newly released whitepaper, “Five Immediate Benefits of Incorporating Specialty Pharmacy Focused Automated Outbound Patient Notifications”, can be read here.

Adam Winstead of Amber said, “Amber Specialty Pharmacy has always taken a strategic approach leveraging technology to allow us to better serve our patients. With MarkeTouch Media’s TouchPoint Management solution, we saw improvements in patient adherence, patient experience, and overall satisfaction. Furthermore, we have seen effective improvements in clinical outcomes and operational efficiencies. Our partnership with MarkeTouch has been a catalyst in creating a more focused approach to assisting our patients.”

Lyle Green, MarkeTouch Media’s Vice President of Sales and Marketing, commented, “Amber Specialty Pharmacy was growing rapidly and needed solutions to assist in managing the administrative and operational tasks to streamline workflow and benefit their patients. We are thrilled with the results that Amber is achieving, and they clearly demonstrate that TouchPoint Management is a valuable tool for all Specialty Pharmacies.”

Amber Specialty Pharmacy and MarkeTouch Media continue to collaborate and develop additional services specifically tailored to meet the needs of Specialty pharmacy patients. To take a deep dive into the white paper’s findings, request a download of the PDF here.

About Amber Pharmacy

Amber Specialty Pharmacy is an award-winning leader in the specialty pharmacy industry with over 23 years of experience providing specialized care for persons with chronic, complex medical conditions. Named the National Association of Specialty Pharmacy’s 2020 Specialty Pharmacy of the Year, they have built an outstanding reputation by providing personalized support and quality clinical care to patients and families. This comprehensive care approach supports the medical, emotional, financial and administrative needs of patients throughout the United States. Amber Specialty Pharmacy is accredited by the Utilization Review Accreditation Commission (URAC) and the Accreditation Commission for Health Care (ACHC). Amber Specialty Pharmacy headquarters are located in Omaha, Nebraska, with an additional 20 locations throughout the United States. For more information, visit

About MarkeTouch Media

MarkeTouch Media is a healthcare technology company committed to excellence in patient engagement.  MarkeTouch provides our clients with patient communication solutions focused on improving clinical outcomes, operational efficiency and the patient experience.  As a pioneer in automated outbound notifications in the healthcare space, MarkeTouch is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2021.   MarkeTouch provides almost 400 million annual patient communications on behalf of over 11,000 pharmacies across North America. The MarkeTouch difference is the unique combination of healthcare experience, communication expertise, innovative solutions, proven scalability, and reliability.  For more information, visit

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