Clinical Intervention Suite Drives Pharmacy Profits

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Recent years have brought unprecedented challenges to the practice of pharmacy. Today, pharmacies are seeing lower profit-per-script from mushrooming generic use and lower margins from the proliferation of closed and limited networks. In anticipation of these and other challenges, MarkeTouch Media has invested heavily in developing truly innovative technology solutions, expanding its platform from custom patient communications to become a full-service clinical provider.

MarkeTouch Media’s Clinical Intervention Suite is a robust, fully customizable engine that empowers pharmacists to have targeted clinical conversations with patients while easing workflow burden on pharmacy staff. It includes multiple modules that enable client pharmacies to target and manage specific patient populations while maximizing contract incentives and minimizing penalties. MarkeTouch Media first analyzes the entire patient population, calculates PDC and a proprietary adherence score, notes whether immunizations or other services are needed, and then provides the list of clients to target for interventions, helping the pharmacy meet its contract objectives. Solutions targeted at DIR incentives focus on PDC scores across the entire Payor by drug class, while specialty pharmacy modules focus on patient assessments and data at intervals specific to each drug or disease state.

MarkeTouch’s staff applies industry-leading expertise and best practices to effectively deploy clinical programs designed to meet clients’ goals and metrics. In addition, MarkeTouch’s capabilities and scale (a network of more than 15,000 retail pharmacies) enable it to readily run customized pilots for its clients, who can see for themselves the efficacy of the technology in driving down healthcare costs. For instance, MarkeTouch Adherence Interventions could increase PDC scores of targeted drug classes by more than 30 percent in 180 days by identifying and addressing barriers to adherence in retail pharmacy environments.

MarkeTouch Media’s RxTouch Pharmacist Connect is a fully hosted solution that streamlines pharmacy operations and allows each patient to choose preferred communication channels for pharmacy interaction. By employing the patients’ channel preferences, the pharmacy can achieve greater adherence and persistency to the prescribed regimen. Each client can select campaigns that ensure targeted patients make a positive impact on quality and operational metrics—resulting in a maximized ROI, reduced overall healthcare costs and, ultimately, better clinical outcomes for patients.

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