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MarkeTouch Media has provided inbound IVR and outbound subscriber communication services to MSO's since 2002. We are a preferred provider for two of the top five MSOs nationwide (providing services to all five) and currently process 15MM+ inbound and outbound automated calls annually.

The MarkeTouch Media network operation center, located in Houston, Texas, manages our proprietary technology consisting of Outbound Notifications, Inbound IVR Call Processing, Toll-Free Routing and Call Tracking, as well as Mobile Apps and Web Optimization.

CableConnect Service Line

CableConnect Outbound Notifications

Outbound Notifications
Our Outbound Notifications service gives cable companies the ability to streamline and automate subscriber communication with the use of automated voice, text, and mobile communications to decrease Installation and Service Call "no shows", assist with Payment Reminders/Collections, and improve retention with Post Installation/Service Call Surveys and Welcome & Anniversary messaging. Additional programs include service effecting outage alerts, channel and hardware change notification, and VOD "tune-in" messaging.

CableConnect Inbound IVR Call Processing

Inbound IVR Call Processing
CableConnect's IVR Call Processing allows cable companies to automate existing functions being managed by their inbound contact centers and live outbound agents – dramatically reducing costs while increasing agent availability. MarkeTouch Media has developed automated Subscriber Satisfaction Surveys, Database Correction and Opt-in programs, Order and Appointment Scheduling, and Third Party Verification processing.

CableConnect Toll-free Routing and Call Tracking

Toll-Free Routing and Call Tracking
CableConnect's Toll-Free Routing platform has the ability to geographically source the call to a home or business and determine (real-time) the servicing cable company utilizing a proprietary national cable database that consists of the footprint of every cable MSO. The inbound call is then accurately transferred to the servicing cable operator. Multiple toll-free numbers can be used and tracked by the advertising lead source. Inbound calls can also be recorded to provide monitoring opportunities for quality control and sales management staff.

CableConnect Mobile App

Mobile Apps and Web Optimization
Our mobile applications assist cable companies' business and residential field sales staff with vital information necessary to increasing sales in the field. The mobile app provides territory information, dynamic rate card calculations, neighboring customer locations, and competitive analysis direct to the sales representatives' smart phone. Each application is custom built to fit the needs of your in-house and outsourced field sales staff.

CableConnect Subscriber Preference Interface

Subscriber Preference Interface
Our Subscriber Preference Interface (patent pending) allows MSO's to contact their subscribers in the manner the subscriber prefers (voice, sms/text and e-mail). The service includes identifying the subscriber's choice via a variety of methods (automated/live calls, toll-free number, payment centers/retail outlets, sms/text, web, e-mail and mail) and provides the vehicle to contact them as they wish. The service provides the ability for real-time edits that can be updated in MSO's software and/or interface and allows for a subscriber to opt-out.

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