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The single source for increased communication effectiveness, patient satisfaction and operational efficiencies for PBMs, mail-order and specialty pharmacies.

A simple promise: We'll make your member communications work better

  • Lower cost through increased automation, streamlined processes, less wasted effort, and increased use of self-service options
  • Increased revenue through improved ROI, higher Star Ratings, increased customer retention and enhanced URAC accreditation and certification programs
  • Improved compliance, adherence and health outcomes through condition-specific messaging, decreased hold and queue times, increased call center staff availability and patient-specific, behavior-based messaging rule

All messaging is launched from a single hosted platform and is easily integrated with most systems of record and workflow solutions.

Enterprise Patient Connectivity Solutions

RxLink allows PBMs, mail-order and specialty pharmacies to choose from a fully integrated but flexible suite of services, powerful and easy-to-use tools, and robust reporting.


Hosted IVR

Manages inbound calls from patients. Accessed via VOIP PBX or toll-free number.

IVR processes customized call flow

  • Pharmacy refills
  • Order status
  • Tracking information
  • Call routing

Track and report URAC metrics

  • ASA
  • Wait time
  • Abandonment rates
  • Percentage of calls completed

Outbound Communications

We employ best practices in patient engagement, using controlled connectivity to automate and personalize 2-way communication through voice, email, SMS/text messaging, web and mobile technologies. Driven by clinical and business rules, our smart, intuitive and interactive approach enables targeted message campaigns that provide timely, personal and actionable consumer communications. Communications can be delivered in multiple languages.


Patient Connect

The NCPA Adherence Report Card indicates that the leading predictor of Adherence is the "members' personal connection with their pharmacist or pharmacy staff". This hosted (SaaS) solution allows call center to make efficient live "one on one" calls with feature personalized patient scripting, dynamic list generation, online analytics and centralized administration.


Optimum MedSync

Optimum MedSync drives medication adherence. Cutting-edge proprietary engine that is designed to increase patient adherence, compliance and persistency by synchronizing all of the patients refills to a common date.


Patient Preference Interface (Patent Pending)

Don't waste resources on a "scattershot" communication approach. Using our Patient Preference Interface (patent pending), can allow patients to customize their communication channels, which increases targeted messaging effectiveness. You can automate and personalize two-way communication with patients through voice, sms/text, web, email, mail. The service provides the ability for real-time edits that can be updated in the clients system of record.

  • General Inquiries
  • Sales Information
  • Technical Support
  • Account Management
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