Kroger launches MedSync via MarkeTouch Media

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The Kroger’s pharmacy operation is partnering with Houston-based MarkeTouch Media to assist patients through medication synchronization.

The solution leverages a central call center and 2,200 Kroger Family of Pharmacies locations to enroll patients and support pharmacy associates engaged in med sync, allowing patients to refill multiple prescriptions on a single date. The companies said med sync has been proven to increase a patient’s medication adherence, health outcomes and pharmacy experience.

Kroger’s pharmacies have implemented a targeted approach to identify patients who would most benefit from med sync. Through the partnership with MarkeTouch Media, Kroger has incorporated sophisticated technology, automation, and training to ensure a high level of patient communication and pharmacy system integration.

To streamline workflow between the call center and pharmacy locations, MarkeTouch Media has integrated with Kroger’s proprietary pharmacy software to coordinate staff tasks and deliver automated notifications to patients in voice, text and email.

The new service have led to higher pharmacist-patient consultation rates and increased patient exposure to such clinical services as immunizations, health screenings and medication therapy management for Kroger pharmacy patients, MarkeTouch Media said.

“There is no doubt that there are tremendous health and efficiency benefits for patients who are enrolled in medSync. The Kroger family of pharmacies has weighed the impact on pharmacy workflow and the financial effect on the front of store, and has architected a best-in-class solution with the results to show for it,” MarkeTouch Media vice president of sales and marketing Lyle Green said.

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