Lapis Lazuli – Vaccine Workflow: To Schedule or Not to Schedule?

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While pharmacies have been giving immunizations for many age groups for many years, doing it in a pandemic with physical distancing and additional pandemic restrictions was new in 2020 and continues to evolve in 2021. Vaccinations are vital public health interventions that pharmacies provide but have multiple barriers to implementation.

Vaccine supply, labor allocations, state pharmacy practice acts provide layers of complexity. Before the COVID-19 pandemic, most pharmacies had a blend of on-demand and preset appointments for vaccines and other services with the bulk of vaccines being given as walk-ups. The thought behind this model was that the convenience to the patient mattered more than the logistics the pharmacy team could and did encounter. At the height of the pandemic, most facilities had limited capacity and, in many cases, required timed reservations and appointments. Now that patients are comfortable with appointments, implementing a Health and Wellness Scheduler tool built for pharmacy removes barriers to vaccination and other services for both patients and pharmacy teams. For the most part, scheduling vaccines provides convenience for the patient of a set appointment and the predictability of staffing allocations on the pharmacy side while allowing the pharmacy to set the timing and number of appointments consistent with vaccine supply and any local capacity or distancing guidance.

MarkeTouch Media Solutions

The MarkeTouch Health and Wellness Scheduler provides a seamless experience for the patient and is easy to administer at the pharmacy level. When coupled with our digitized consent forms, it provides multiple ways to implement vaccination workflows that meet the needs and preferences of your patients. The Health and Wellness Scheduler provides seamless, clear communications and reminders to patients for vaccines and other health services based in your pharmacy and community.

Connectivity with state vaccine registries ensures that patients are accessing all of their recommended vaccines promptly and keeping themselves and their families, communities, and patients healthy.

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