MarkeTouch Media Takes Aim at Specialty Pharmacy with the Patient LifeCycle Management Solution

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MarkeTouch Media recently launched its new solution designed specifically for the Specialty pharmacy marketplace. MarkeTouch’s Patient LifeCycle Management solution offers touchpoint automation that increases efficiency and manages URAC compliance without affecting patient care. The service includes patient satisfaction surveys, clinical assessments, shipment status notifications, prior-to-refill assessments, and URAC metrics tracking and reporting. “By implementing automation when and where appropriate, there is no effect on patient care with massive increases in operational efficiency allowing staff to focus on patient health,” said Mike James, Senior Vice President of Specialty Pharmacy Operations at EntrustRx. He continued, “The investment made to become accredited is too substantial to risk by not building the framework for sustained commitment to quality and accountability. MarkeTouch has provided us with an independent patient satisfaction survey to ensure we are meeting our commitment to URAC compliance and has allowed our personnel to increase our focus on patient care.”

In 2016, nearly 30% of the pharmacy industry’s revenue was dedicated to specialty drugs, equating to $115 billion. Lyle Green, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at MarkeTouch Media, is excited about the new venture into the specialty marketplace saying, “The specialty marketplace is growing rapidly. Operational efficiency and URAC compliance are critical to the success of all specialty pharmacies. MarkeTouch’s solution increases efficiency and customers’ support with services and metrics to stay compliant, and we have positioned ourselves to provide solutions that positively affect our clients’ bottom line.” By 2021, estimates predict the specialty drug industry will make up over 40% of pharmacy revenue – nearly $240 billion.

About MarkeTouch Media, LLC.

MarkeTouch Media sends and receives 175 million communications annually on behalf of over 14,000 pharmacy locations across North America. MarkeTouch Media is the only vendor in the pharmacy marketplace offering clients a single source for comprehensive, personalized patient communications including: Outbound Notifications; Central IVR; Pharmacist Connect; Mobile & Web Solutions. MarkeTouch leverages its technology to implement turnkey HOSTED solutions such as Optimum MedSync, Health & Wellness Scheduler; Clinical Solutions and Hospital Discharge Management. MarkeTouch services have assisted its clients increase revenue, operational efficiency and patient adherence since 2003. 

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