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Posted August 17, 2012 by Shafiq Shivji under Articles

The scope of pharmacy-based care is increasing with the role of pharmacists going beyond filling prescriptions. Pharmacies now offer complete health and wellness management for their patients, including clinical services, dietician sessions, patient education classes, MTM and chronic disease management. In 2010, a NCPA study reported a 20% increase in pharmacy appointments over the previous year, and according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, 18.4% of all adults immunized during the same period received flu vaccines at a supermarket or drugstore.

With consumers changing their perspectives about pharmacy-based healthcare, pharmacy chains serious about their health and wellness initiatives have a rich opportunity to increase patient compliance and generate revenue. The RxTouch Pharmacy Appointment Scheduler capitalizes on this trend by increasing patient awareness about the availability of these services  and by keeping in sync with consumer behavior—patients are accustom to scheduling appointments for healthcare.

MarkeTouch technical and creative staff have invested over two years  of extensive research and development to ensure the scheduler met the demands of patients and our pharmacy clients.  The scheduler launched towards the end of the 2010 flu season and has already accepted over 2 million appointments.  It is the first of its kind in the industry and is the only proven, field-tested pharmacy solution in the market to-date.  Benefits of the scheduler include; it is a hosted solution (no hardware or software required), is extremely easy for patients to navigate, allows pharmacists to manage their time efficiently, creates a new revenue stream through corporate partnerships and manufacturer participation, increases customer satisfaction, and provides robust tracking and reporting.

Using the scheduler in conjunction with walk-ins creates an ideal experience for consumers. Its real-time functionality allows pharmacy staff to schedule appointments for patients as they walk-up, eliminating the need to wait in long lines.

The scheduler features three user-friendly interfaces (patient, pharmacy and call center) which makes it easy for pharmacy staff to set availability and for patients to self-schedule. Once appointments are booked, automated real-time notifications communicate any schedule changes to keep pharmacy staff and patients informed as well as to reduce inbound call volumes.

Multi-level administration and flexible appointment types allow the scheduler to be adapted to any set of existing business rules and workflow. Moreover, pharmacies can measure performance and accurately manage inventory with real-time reporting.

The RxTouch platform resides at redundant server locations in Houston, Texas and Denver, Colorado, and has passed the scrutiny of Fortune 100 security requirements. Seamless updates are periodically made to the scheduler to enhance its capability without impact on usage. Dedicated account managers are assigned to provide live customer support and training to meet each client’s specific needs.

Over 8,000 pharmacy locations use MarkeTouch Media to schedule more than a million appointments annually. Trust the future of your business to their proven solutions.
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