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Interactive Voice Response

Improve your customer's calling experience with our hosted IVR applications

MarkeTouch Media's custom IVR applications streamline and manage the exchange of information through the simplicity of a telephone. Our sophisticated platform provides real-time interaction between you and your customers including surveys, intelligent routing, scoring, call branching, and transfer capability. Our flexible infrastructure can easily integrate with most client software and data systems (including shipping providers) to provide real-time information to your customers. Additionally, our sophisticated and customizable reporting package generates quantifiable results.


ACD Routing: Cloud-based Automatic Call Distribution routing based on location, time of day, market share, advertising source or other custom criteria. Real-time reporting to gauge performance and adjust employee allocation. Virtual call centers where agents advertise availability, including work at home agents.

CableConnect: Cable Locator, Network Previews, Subscriber Verification, Appointment Scheduling, Subscriber Satisfaction Surveys, and Automated Third-party Verification

Contests / Sweepstakes Entry: Provides toll-free access to enter contest/sweepstakes including code recognition, interactive questions, automated-real-time winner (e.g., every “nth” caller).

Customer Service and Internal Surveys: Customer Interactive, Variable Questions, Dynamic Scoring and Transfer Options. Online survey reporting can help you quickly identify and track the level of customer satisfaction to help you make your business the best it can be.

LobbyLine: Turn your organization's members into activists by dynamically connecting them to their State or Federal representatives via a toll-free number.

Quantify Media Results: Multiple toll-free numbers, Time of day response (per minute intervals), Automated options by media type

RxTouch: Customer Service Surveys, Manufacturer Information Line, Opt-out Line, Automated Refill, Customer Service with option to Transfer

Store Locator: Determines caller location and provides closest location option(s).

Third Party Verification: Automated IVR verification call processing with effective and compliant call handling and scripting. This hosted automated solution can work independently or in conjunction with your own (or outsourced) live call center.

Workforce Tracking for Franchises: Works well for after-hours employees including cleaning crews and security guards.

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