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Deliver your message and interact with your customers on their terms

MarkeTouch Media's integrated communication service delivers pre-recorded voice, text, e-mail, fax and mobile messages that inform, educate and persuade your customers into action. Interactive capabilities allow for customer verification, data collection and call transfers via touch tone. Our flexible infrastructure can easily integrate with most client software systems and our patent pending Customer Preference Interface allows you to communicate with your customers based on their preference.

Our creative services team will guide you through each campaign and help tailor your message to achieve your goals. Additionally, our sophisticated and customizable reporting package generates quantifiable results and provides actionable data of every campaign.


CableConnect: 40+ unique subscriber notifications including, service/installation, welcome messaging, DVR, service upgrade, VOD and B2B Upgrade and Acquisition campaigns.

Emergency Alerts: Send real-time messages to your employees, students, and constituents during emergency situations

MedACall: Personalized daily reminders from loved ones to take medication

Post-Service: Post-Service calls that can include Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Retail / E-Commerce: Proactive shipping/tracking notifications, In-stock/Layaway orders, Billing/Collections messaging, Installation/Service calls

ROBOCALLS: PAC messaging, GOTV, Polling, Voter Registration, Voter ID, Rally/Event notifications and Persuasion messaging

RxTouch: 40+ unique healthcare campaigns, including Refill Reminders, Prescription Re-fill reminders, Rx Recalls, etc.

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