Specialty Pharmacy Program

MarkeTouch Media is a single source provider of comprehensive patient communication solutions. The Specialty Pharmacy design provides a custom, high touch approach to managing the intensive information exchange with patients necessary for compliance with accreditors and manufacturers.

Lifecycle Management

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Increases efficiency and maintains URAC compliance. MarkeTouch Media’s Patient Lifecycle Management solution provides patient touchpoint automation without affecting patient care. Maintaining compliance with accreditors and manufacturers require significant personnel hours. Implementing automation, where appropriate, increases operational efficiency and allows staff to focus on patients health. The Lifecycle program deploys up to eight monthly inbound and outbound touchpoints that allow your pharmacy to grow.

Pharmacist Connect

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Reduces operational cost, hardware not required. Pharmacist Connect is a hosted dialer, CRM platform, and communication automation solution designed specifically for Specialty Pharmacies. Pharmacist Connect allows pharmacy staff to make live “one-on-one” patient calls in an efficient, streamlined manner. The service includes dynamic list generation, scheduled interactions, personalized call scripting to patients, dial session summaries, and online analytics

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